We're looking for a select few individuals who are at that point in life where you have to decide between a job and a career.  MOCC6 is a highly selective internal 6 week certification training & career development program. Not only will we pay you during training but will ensure that you become a licensed Mortgage Originator with a guaranteed career placement and career path with MLD.  You will have the earning potential to exceed $60K a year in just 6 months.

Our Story

The Mortgage Originator Career Certification 6 Week Training Program (MOCC6) is a division of MLD Mortgage, Inc.  Our highly selective certification program offers an accelerated MLO (Mortgage Loan Originator) training format that has been developed over the past 15 years by top industry professionals.  In the past 15 years, one of the biggest problems we have identified in the mortgage industry was the severe lack of qualified mortgage originators with the knowledge and skills to deal with the changing industry landscape.  So with that in mind, we set out on a 10 year mission to select and develop 250 energetic, committed and career minded professionals.  These select individuals will be provided with an unprecedented & comprehensive 6 week career training opportunity to not only obtain their mortgage originators license but also gain the required skillset necessary to truly succeed and grow with our company.  You will become a part of an elite team that is squarely focused on becoming the most competent, reliable and profitable mortgage team in the nation.  

Our moto is: "6 Weeks-To-$60K". 


Vision:  To train & develop 250 elite Originators nationwide by the year 2025 to join our team.


Lets Get Started

Breaking into the lucrative mortgage industry is extremely difficult.  Many qualified individuals are overlooked due a lack of experience and knowledge. 


MOCC6 is our internal fast-track training and selection  program designed to identify and develop mortgage professionals to be part of our elite team.  Whether you are brand new to the industry or in need of a fresh re-boot, MOCC6 is a one of a kind career opportunity.

Our Course
[We Pay You]

We offer a fast and powerful 6 Week on-the-job training program to meet all licensing and educational requirements which includes a live classroom instructor. 


This may sound crazy, but for the 10 selected applicants, we will cover all related training expenses, exam fees and advance the upfront state licensing costs. The selected applicants will also receive compensation during the 6 weeks of training.  

 Initial Interview 
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Capacity 10 Applicants
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Course capacity will accept only 10 successful applications.
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  • Product Knowledge: FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA, etc.

  • Pipeline Management

  • Art of Selling

  • Credit Repairing

  • Prep Exams

  • Successful Lead Conversion

  • Personality Training

  • CRM Training

  • Paid Training

  • Informative and entertaining setting.

  • Dynamic, high-energy course: Using proven methods and engaging hands-on activities

  • Over 100 hours of instructional Hands-on work experience. 

  • Leads Provided

  • Exams Fees Paid for

  • Workbook Provided

  • NMLS Test Prep Kit

  • Professional Business Cards

  • Guaranteed Job Placement

  • Career Growth Potential

  • LOS Training

  • Required Skillset Training

  • Purchase & Refinance Training

  • Compliance Training

  • Social Media Training

  • Comprehensive loan officer training — basic to advanced levels

  • Network Building

  • The best curriculum: Gain the knowledge and understanding you need to pass the NMLS Test


44715 Brimfield Drive

Suite #240

Ashburn, Virginia 20147

Main Office: (703) 563-4250


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